About Us

You know what it’s like to share the ups and downs of life with good people who make you laugh?

Meet Michelle and Carmen, two gals who met in 2009 and have been enjoying the crazy laughs of parenting and friendship ever since!  We have a passion to be involved in our community and our kid’s school.  And we want our kids to be inspired to give back time, empathy….and a little bit of cash to their community!

The path to 100 Kids Who Care YXE started a few years ago with the desire to save our homes from looking like Toys R Us outlets at every single birthday celebration!  We encouraged our kids to think about what they really wanted for their birthdays and to really think about all the toys they have (do we really need 12 dolls, enough crafts to run a daycare and a container of dinosaurs big enough to house a real life T-Rex??)!  They soon decided to give toys away to make room for the new.  And then, with some encouragement, our kids have decided to forgo gifts from friends and instead collect money.  This allows them to buy themselves one item they really, really want and then donate the rest to a charity.  And, on those days when we are volunteering or participating in a charity event ourselves, our kids are often encouraged (read: forced) to tag along!

That is how we started teaching our kids to give back to the community….and then we heard about the Saskatoon chapters of 100 Women Who Care and/or 100 Men Who Give a Damn.  We thought it would be a great idea to start something for kids!  We did a bit of online research and were excited to see there are several 100 Kids Who Care chapters across Canada!  So…we didn’t invent the idea…we just decided to start a chapter of 100 Kids Who Care in YXE…it’s our way of fulfilling that burning desire to add one more thing to our plates (the more you have the more efficient you are, right?)!  Since we are already facilitating giving back with our 5 kids, why not add another 95+ just for fun!

When we aren’t hatching up some new plan or making each other laugh (we are really hilarious people BTW) we are just like you….cooking, cleaning, parenting, pulling our hair out and…Netflixin’ at every opportunity.

To learn more about 100 Women Who Care or 100 Men Who Give a Damn in Saskatoon, check out their websites: